About us

R.B Agro Limited (cherish feed) was establishment on 11th October 2010 as a private Limited Company the Reg. No. C87464/10 the company acts (xviii), The company commenced its commercial production on with small size of operation and subsequently, expanded its production capacity on regular basis.

R.B Agro limited is one of the leading Agro-Based companies in Bangladesh. We are producing Broiler and Layer Poultry fish feed both sinking and flooting feed, cattale feed, sonali feed. For producing best finished goods we are used modern techonology and world class machinery items.

R.B Agro always feels the responsibility to participate in the development of the agriculture sector in Bangladesh.

Customer is our main satisfaction, which is the aim of our efforts. We are using modern techonology for mazimum customer satisfaction with fish, poultry and cattle feed. Our marketing team provides day to day marketing support updating database and their professional marketing activities.

Quality and on time delevery has been the main trust of the company. The company dedicates its utmost effort and time to ensure the control process, so as to conssistently provide high quality feed products and services. Our goal is to achieve an end product that has no defects. The team work hard to check the different stages of the production process and act immediately if any problem found.

At the end we will say we have very strong connection with customers and raw materials suppliers.