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R.B Agro Ltd, Cherish Feed  is one of the leading Agro-based companies in Bangladesh producing  Broiler & Layer, Poultry-Fish Feed both Sinking & Floating, Cattale  feed, Sonali feed.

The phenomenal growth achieved through updated modern technology and new concepts of integrations, harvested a very diverse work place. Allowing employee  to personalize their carrier in the right direction & with in their comfort zone.

R.B Agro always feels the responsibility to participate in the development of the agriculture sector in Bangladesh by taking the opportunity to fulfill the demand gap of different agricultural products. R.B Agro  is the pioneer in establishing Grand Parent Poultry Farm for both Broiler & Layer, by which reduced the country's dependency on import operations substantially. Contributing to the national economy by cutting down the foreign expenses for importing Day Old Parent Chicks.

Environment and conservation of nature has always been in mind of R.B Agro ltd. That is why, it emphasized on poultry waste management, producing Bio-fertilizers from poultry waste.


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Animals need balanced diets to ensure availability of all required nutrients such as protein, energy, minerals and vitamins. If feed is deficient in any of these important nutrients, the animal will perform below potential. The objective in terms of feed formulation is to optimize the diets to maximize profit for the farmers.To produce a balanced poultry or fish feed, it is necessary to know the nutrient content of each of the ingredients used to produce the feed.


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The nutritional components and gross energy made available for cell maintenance, growth, locomotion and reproduction are determined by the amount of food consumed, the fraction that is assimilated and the nutrient content of the food. The relationship between fish and their food is affected by a complex interaction between a number of factors which include temperature, light, salinity, fish size, activity and behaviour, appetite, feeding regime, starvation, stress and type of food.

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